The affiliate program GlavMed belongs to PPS (pay per sale) category. It's based on payment of commission fees for sold products. The commission fee of the webmaster comes up to 30% - 40% of the sold products price. The post delivery price is not included and covers the delivery.

The commission fee of a registered advert makes 30%. If the advert makes more than 5 sales per day within a week, the commission can be increased up to 35%. In case of more than 15 sales per day the commission fee can be increased up to 40%. The maximum commission fee per sale is limited to $250. The commission fee can be increased by the webmaster's application. The application is to be filed to ICQ support or by tickets. The conditions above are to be met.

GlavMed uses different methods of consummation stimulation. One of these methods is a discount coupon, a customer gets after the first purchase. His new purchases (reorders) are marked with "R" in the statistics. The commission fees for reorders are to be split between the webmaster and GlavMed. Discounts applied to order are shared to webmaster and Glavmed, so part of discounted sum is subtracted from webmaster revenue.

Webmaster can direct the customers both to the affiliate GlavMed drugstores and to your own domains. If webmaster use their own domains, it's possible either to attach them to the GlavMed hosting or to install your drugstore on your own hosting. In the first case there's no ftp-access provided and GlavMed technical support can install the drugstore's design as webmaster's wish. The installment scripts are available.

The names of the GlavMed or webmaster hosting's domain, cookies and sale IDs are used for sales tracking. The webmaster hosting's domains have benefits, because all sales made from these domains are attached to its owner. While cookies tracking the sales are attached to the advert with the sale ID.

The first payment requires an account approval. Creating a ticket with a "the first payment" title and $100 available are required for it.. The information is also to be entered into the administration panel. The account approval takes a few days. Then the payments take place every week, on Wednesdays or at any time upon request, if the money is available. The periodicity of payments is to be entered into the administration panel by checkbox in "Weekly"-field for weekly payments or in "On demand"-field for payments upon request. The request is to be made either by applying to the ICQ support or by creating a ticket. The minimal payment is $100. The first payment requires the support's confirmation of the bank details. Any changes are also to be confirmed by the ICQ support. No payments can be proceeded without the confirmation. WebMoney payments require a protection code, which is valid for 10 days. If webmaster can't receive any money, he have to change the checkbox for "On demand". If payment returns to us, webmaster must create a ticket and we'll proceed a new payment.

GlavMed can also make profit by using a referral system. The "referrer" gets 5% of the "referrer's" sales. It makes up to 16,6% of his profit. The referee can be engaged by the webmaster, who already made profit of at least $3000. Referral invitations are to be distributed by the support after an interview. The webmaster engaged as a referee is to report the GlavMed login. Referral self-registration is not allowed. In that case the GlavMed registration is cancelled.

If the referral is not satisfied with the referral cooperation, he can apply for the referral cancelation. It is not subject to the referrer's approval. The attachment to another referrer is not allowed. The new registration is necessary for shifting of the referrer.

The traffic stolen from other GlavMed adverts is forbidden and is not to be taken into account. Such conduct will be subject to a fine and the account is to be blocked.

GlavMed has a right to refuse to process orders, which are subject to the fraud regulation. Webmaster's chargebacks are not subject to fines.

It is not allowed to use GlavMed advertising materials (texts, pictures, scripts) for advertising of other affiliate programs. The usage of GlavMed brand's elements is not allowed without its management's approval.

Email spam is strictly prohibited. Any account caught email spamming will be banned.  Any fraudulent activity (i.e. credit card fraud, forcing for buy, offering something for sale made) is also forbidden. We reserve right for non-payment of commissions if illegal activity is proved.